Egipto. Museo del Louvre (III)

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Colección egipcia del Museo del Louvre

1.- Ostracon showing a bull. New Kingdom.

2.- Ostracon showing dogs chasing a hyena. New Kingdom. (E14366)

3.- Bronze statue of Horus from the 3rd Intermediate Period. (E7703)

4.- A 'troupe' of Ushabti figures from the 21st Dynasty.

5.- A decoration, probably from a sarcophagus from the 22nd Dynasty. (N4000)

6.- A column with the face of Hathor. From the ruins of the temple of Bastet at Bubastis from the time of Osorkon II. (E10590)

7.- Golden pendant bearing the name of Osorkon II. 22nd Dynasty.

8.- Standing figure of 'God's wife of Amun' Karomama. Probably from Karnak. The figure is bronze with silver and gold inlay. 22nd Dynasty.

9.- Stela of Tanetperet from the 23rd Dynasty. The god Re-Harakhty emits life-giving rays towards a femail offerer.

10.- An offering vase from the 25th Dynasty. (N976)

11.- Vases from the 18th Dynasty.

12.- A late period bronze of Horus as a hawk. (E14282)

13.- The God Thoth in the form of a baboon. Ptolomaic period. (E17496)

14.- Part of sandstone relief showing two horses. Late Period from Hermopolis. (E27723)

15.- Late Period bronzes of four cats on an acacia wood base. (N3910)

16.- A Late Period Mummified cat. (AF9461)

17.- A Ptolomaic Period limestone dog. (E11657)

18.- A limestone head of a lion. (E22722)

19.- Sarcophagus cover of Djedhor. Ptolomaic Period. (D9)

20.- Limestone figure of Montu. Ptolomaic Period. (E12922)



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