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Colección egipcia del Museo del Louvre

First opened to the public in 1793 the Louvre claims to be the world's largest museum. Its collection of Egyptian antiquities is one of the finest in the world.

1.- The Gebel el-Arak knife. Late Predynastic Period. The carved scene show a battle above two rows of ships. (E11517)

2.- Two examples of Black-rimmed pottery from the Naqada 1 Period. The round pots from this period were not made on a wheel.

3.- Slate palette in the form of a duck. Late Predynastic Period.

4.- A slate palette from the Late Predynastic Period. Two hyenas form the sides at the top. (E11502)

5.- Limestone stela of Wadj from his tomb at Abydos. Also know as the Serpent King. 1st Dynasty. (E11007)

6.- Limestone standing figure of Sepa from a serdab in his tomb. 3rd Dynasty. (A37)

7.- Limestone standing figure of Nesa from a serdab in the tomb of Sepa. 3rd Dynasty. (A36)

8.- An acacia wood statue of an unknown couple. Old Kingdom (N2293)

9.- Head of Djedefre from his mortuary temple at Abu Roash. Due to the nature of the break this is usually described as the head of a sphinx. (E12626)

10- Stela of Nefertiabet a daughter of the Pharaoh Khufu. From her tomb at Giza. 4th Dynasty. (E22745)

11.- Scenes of starving bedouin were part of the decoration of the causeway walls of the 5th Dynasty Pharaoh Unas at Saqqara. (E17381)

12.- Old Kingdom statue of a seated scribe. (E3023)

13.- Statue of Amenemhet III from the Middle Kingdom.

14.- Scene of offerings from the Abydos tomb of Abkaou. 11th Dynasty. (C15)

15.- Scene of lamentation as women grieve. From a 11th Dynasty tomb.

16.- Middle Kingdom head of Sesostris III. (12924)

17.- A dog with puppies from the Middle Kingdom. (E11557)

18.- Although this sphinx was usurped several times by Pharaohs as late as the 22nd Dynasty it was originally carved for Amenemhat II.

19.- An 18th Dynasty statue of Imenhetep.

20.- 18th Dynasty wooden face mask, probably from a coffin. (E11647)

21.- A spoon with a handle in the form of a young lute player. 18th Dynasty (N1748)

22.-  Portrait of Nebamon from his tomb. 18th Dynasty (E32660)

23.- Sarcophagus lid of Amenhotep son of Hapu. From the time of Amenhotep III, 18th Dynasty. (D4)

24.- A small statue of Senmut the vizier of Hatshepsut. He holds a measuring rope.

25.- Part of a statue of the royal scribe Meniou. New Kingdom (E11519)

26.- A limestone head of Akhenaten (E11706)

27.- A small fragment of relief from the Amana period, possibly Nefretiti (E11058)

28.- Akhenaten as a sphinx.



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