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Colección egipcia en el Museo del Louvre

1.- A chalk head of a young man. New Kingdom.

2.- A small limestone statue of the Pharaoh Akhenaten.

3.- A small limestone head of a princess. Probably Amarna period. (E14715)

4.- Torso of a woman from Amarna. Possibly identified as Nefretiti.

5.- A small fragment of a relief showing Akhenaten prostrate with baboons.

6.- Part of a group that shows queen Tiye probably with her husband Amenhotep III on the broken part

7.- A small decorated glass jar from the New Kingdom Period possibly from Amarna.

8.- Wooden statue of Touy, described as belonging to the Hareem of the God Min. New Kingdom Period.

9.- Close up of the scale of a 'Cubit Rod' of Maya from the time of Tutakhamum.

10.- A solid gold bowl from the tomb of the General Djehuty. He served the Pharaoh Tuthmosis III. His tomb was found at Saqqara in 1824 but the contents were distributed and the site of the tomb is now lost

11.- Acasia wood figure of a servant girl. New Kingdom. (E8025)

12.- Wooden figure of an Asian servant carrying an amphora. New Kingdom. (N1738)

13.- Part of a statue of Neferhebef and his wife. 18th Dynasty. (A57)

14.- Spoon in the form of an oryx. 18th Dynasty (E3678)

15.- Part of the Book of the Dead from the tomb of a scribe called Nebqed from the 18th Dynasty. The whole papyrus is over 6 metres long. (N3068)

16.- Part of a stele showing Rourou an attendant of the King. Possible from the reign of Seti I. (C92)

17.- A scene removed from Seti I's tomb in the Valley of the Kings. It shows Seti and Hathor. (B7)

18.- An unfinished drawing from the time of Ramesses II. The drawing in red has been corrected in black. (C35)

19.- Small limestone fragment showing Ramesses II as a youth.

20- A gold pectoral with the prenomen of Ramesses II. It was found by Mariette in the Serapeum at Saqqara.

21.- One of a pair of stela that were found between the paws of the Sphinx at Giza. It shows Ramesses II worshiping in front of the Sphinx. The Sphinx is described as 'Horus in the Horizon'. (B19)

22.- The sarcophagus of Ramesses III from his tomb in Valley of the Kings. (D1)

23.- Two ostraca showing designs for columns. 19-20th Dynasty from Dier el-Medina. (E25334, E14315)

24.- Ostracon showing a monkey. New Kingdom.

25.- Ostracon showing the use of a grid to draw various animals. New Kingdom

26.- Ostracon showing a lion. New Kingdom

27.- Ostracon showing a chariot. New Kingdom.

28.- Ostracon showing a bull. New Kingdom. (E14346)



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