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Colecciónes egipcias del British Museum

Housed in a building started in 1823 and completed in 1847 the British Museum collection of Egyptian antiquities is one of the largest in the world.

1.- Mudstone palette in the form of a hippopotamus. Predynastic, Naqada 1. EA29416

2.- Three serrated knives of flint. Early Predynastic. EA59713-EA62274-5

3.- Figure of a woman, carved in hippopotamus ivory. Early Predynastic, Badarian 5th millennium BC. EA59648

4.- Long handled spoon of elephant ivory. Early predynastic. EA62177

5.- Predynastic bone figure with lapis-lazuli inlaid eyes. Naqada 1. EA32139

6.- Red breccia vessel in the shape of a bird. Late Predynastic. EA35306

7.- Lower half of the Battlefield Palette. Late Predynastic. EA20791

8.- RPart of the Hunter's Palette. Late Predynastic Naqada III. EA20790

9.- Decorated mace-head of crystalline limestone. Early 1st Dynasty. EA26247

10.- Copper adze blade. 1st Dynasty. EA59223

11.- Ivory gaming piece in the form of a lion. First Dynasty. EA64093

12.- Bronze bowl and ewer. 2nd Dynasty from the tomb of Khasekhemwy at Abydos. These vessels are the earliest true bronzes from Egypt. EA35571-2

13.- Calcite bowl. 3rd Dynasty. EA4569

14.- 4th Dynasty stele of Rahotep from Meidum. EA1242

15.- Mason's tools from the Pyramid of Khufu. 4th Dynasty. Found in one of the 'so-called' air-shafts of the Queen's Chamber. EA67818-67819

16.- Limestone fragment of the Giza Sphinx's beard. The beard was probably made in the 18th Dynasty and does not date from the original construction of the Sphinx. EA58

17.- Coffin for the reburial of Menkhare found in his pyramid at Giza. The style of the coffin dates it to 25th-26th Dynasty.

18.- Painted limestone statue of Kaitep and his wife, Hetepheres. 5th-6th Dynasty. EA1181

19.- Bronze model offering table and ritual vessels of the lector priest Idy. 6th Dynasty from Abydos. EA5315-6086-9

20.- Painted limestone tomb statue of Nenkheftka. 6th Dynasty from Deshasha. EA1239

21.- Model boat from a Middle Kingdom tomb. EA35204

22.- A map of the netherworld painted on the coffin of Gua. Middle Kingdom from Bersha.

23.- Colossal granite head of a Pharaoh probably Amenhotep III from Karnak. EA15

24.- Quartzite head of Amenhotep III from his moruary temple at Thebes. EA6

25.- Restored granite statue of Amenhotep III.

26.- Upper part of a colossal statue of Amenhotep III. 18th Dynasty from Thebes. EA3

27.- Cuneiform tablet inscribed with a letter from Tushratta, King of Mitanni, to Amenhotep III of Egypt. WAA29791



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