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Colección egipcia en el British Museum

1.- One of a pair of red granite lions from the Sudan. 18th Dynasty. Originally from the temple of Amenhotep III at Soleb. EA1

2.- A small piece of plaster removed from the walls of the tomb of Seti I in the Valley of the Kings at Thebes.

3.- Wooden figure of a ram headed demon, probably originally holding a pair of snakes. New Kingdom from the Valley of the Kings.

4.- Wall painting from an Egyptian tomb showing the presentation of African products to the Pharaoh. 18th Dynasty. EA921

5.- Limestone dyad of man and wife (husband only shown). 18th Dynasty. EA36

6.- Colossal head of Ramesses II. It was removed from the Ramesseum at Thebes by Belzoni.

7.- Wig with inlaid diadem from a royal statue. 19th Dynasty. EA2280

8.- Funerary Papyrus of Hunefer. The Sungod as a great cat killing the serpent of darkness. EA9901.8

9.- Black granite head of Ramesses VI. Part of his sarcophagus from his tomb in the Valley of the Kings. 20th Dynasty. EA140

10.- A harp from a New Kingdom Tomb.

11.- A relief from the tomb of Nebamon from Thebes. Musicians and dancers accompany a feast. New Kingdom period. EA37984

12.- Hieratic Book of the Dead of Padiamenet, chief baker of the domain of Amun. 22nd Dynasty. EA10063

13.- Heart Scarab of Iuy. Green feldspar. New Kingdom. EA7925

14.- The so called 'Gayer Anderson' cat. A late period bronze cat in the form of the goddess Bastet. The nose and ear rings are ancient but may not have been made for this bronze. EA64391

15.- Bronze mask from the mummy of a cat. Ptolemaic Period. EA11561

16.- Sculptor's trial piece. An owl hieroglyph, the sign for M, in raised relief. EA38276

17.- A late period bronze Sistrum. A sacred rattle used by musicians in the temple to pacify the gods and ward of evil. EA38172

18.- Red breccia figure of the goddess Taweret who combines a pregnant hippopotamus with a lions face. Late Period. EA35700

19.- Head of a 'Was' sceptre with a stylised animal head. A symbol of royal power.

20- Falcon headed kneeling deity. Late Period. EA11498

21.- Painted wooden shabti box. EA41551

22.- A late period faience figure of Taweret.

23.- Statue of a god. 25th Dynasty perhaps represents the features of Taharqo. Only recently identified it is on loan from Southampton City Council.

24.- Granite sphinx of Taharqo, 25th Dynasty from a temple at Kawa. EA1770

25.- Granite ram of Amun with King Taharqo. 25th Dynasty from Kawa in Nubia. EA1779



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